Health2047 Capital Partners is building a laddered portfolio with a better view.


The U.S. healthcare industry has significant friction in care delivery. This presents a massive opportunity for those with the right access, insights, and connections. Health2047 Capital Partners was created with this in mind.

To fund the big ideas — technologies as well as technology-enabled services — we align our investments with the strategic arcs developed by Health2047 Inc. and the American Medical Association (AMA).

The Health2047 Capital Partners approach

We take a diversified investment approach to capitalize on healthcare's major transitions. 

We are looking to invest in enterprises with clear and profitable competitive advantages in:

  • Data — improving data liquidity, rights, interoperability and security
  • Chronic disease — reengineering care delivery
  • Radical productivity — applying AI, machine learning, and other relevant technologies
  • Healthcare value — capitalizing on revenue disruption opportunities

Thinking Differently. Acting accordingly.

In technology today, value is created from thinking differently. Imagine what happens when we work to apply these proven models to the unique requirements of healthcare. 

  • Facebook — mobile engagement and digital connectivity
  • Netflix — permissions and rights management; distributed content
  • Waymo — geo-spatial mapping and self-driving cars
  • Uber — sharing economy; real-time supply and demand logistics
  • Amazon — logistics; consumer data; continuous business model innovation
  • Google — search and data from the ground up
  • Apple — user interface and hardware integration and design
  • Salesforce — democratized enterprise technology for every size of company

Health2047 Capital Partners, Health2047 Inc., and the AMA are positioned together to understand the requirements of a better system and tackle challenges facing U.S. healthcare.